Duo Vikings

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Duo Vikings Summary

Duo Vikings is a 2-player cooperative game developed by 7Spot Games. Play as two Vikings on a mission to raid a castle filled with obstacles and treasure. Your goal is to solve puzzles, step on triggers, open doors, activate elevators, and smash breakable objects to progress through levels and earn your place in Valhalla.

Story of Duo Vikings

Two Viking friends are on their way to find new lands. They went on a boat, drifted across the sea and through the mist they finally found the mysterious place they were looking for. This land is abandoned, explore the castle and make this land their territory.

Coordinate well with each other

You can experience more than twenty different challenges. Work together so that the two characters can collect three coins in the challenge. It doesn't matter who earns more stars, simply collect coins together and help each other overcome challenges to go together to the gate that opens another challenge.

In different challenges there are many obstacles. Obstacles such as fences, elevators, etc. two people must coordinate with each other so that both sides can collect coins and go to the gate.

How to control the Vikings

To control the Vikings, you can use the following keys

Move: Arrow keys A/D or Left/Right

Jump: Arrow key W or Up

Press/Use: S or Down arrow key

Duo Vikings offers a cooperative gaming experience where you and your friends can work together to overcome challenges and complete the game. The game has beautiful halls and many interesting puzzles to solve.