Elastic Man

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Elastic Man brings fun when pinching other people's faces. Use the mouse to pinch the flexible elastic face without any effect. Enjoy the game with simple gameplay but no less attractive.

The entertainment of the game Elastic Man

The game appears simply with a face, around without any other details. However, focus on the face to know the special point of this game.

The elasticity of the face

You can pinch any part of the face. The feature of this face is that it does not deform after you pinch it. Even if you drag the mouse to the four corners of the screen, the face will not change. Pinch to the left, pinch to the right, pinch up, pinch down as much as possible without the face changing.

Even, after you pinch the face and release the mouse, the face will automatically return to its original position. You can see its elasticity is so smooth that you might mistake the face for water.

Flexible eyes

The boy's eyes are very flexible. Even if you don't touch your face, your eyes will follow your mouse position. It can roll its eyes in many directions according to your mouse.

Other entertaining games

This is a simple game, not fussy about graphics but it has extremely high stress relief when you want to pinch, bite, tear but can't do anything else. It looks quite boring with its interface but once you play, you will feel extremely attractive. In addition, we present you an equally unique game called Capybara Clicker. If you are a fan of games with simple gameplay, but still ensure its entertainment, you can try after playing Elastic Man.