Extreme Thumb War

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Extreme Thumb War is a competition where two thumbs are played against each other. Winning the first three rounds is the outright winner. Crushing the opponent makes them invincible and becomes the strongest thumb.

Exciting gameplay of Extreme Thumb War

Competition to find out who has the strongest thumb in this game. Here, you will play against your thumbs-up opponent in three matches. Whoever wins the first three matches is the winner. Take advantage when the opponent's thumb is bent down, crush them until they can't move. At the same time, avoid letting the opponent flip the bet above to put you at a disadvantage.

Features of Extreme Thumb War

Thumb interface

Two thumbs will be randomly assigned with separate accessories. They will be renewed in interface after completing a level. Try your hand at the many lovely skins of this game. Each thumb character corresponds to their respective names. Can you remember all the names you've experienced?

Game modes

Choose from a single player or two player mode of your choice. With single player mode, you will compete against AI. You can improve playing this game once you get used to it and know how to win the AI. If you think playing against AI you will always lose, don't be discouraged. You will get used to and know how to play better when you take advantage of all your ways when playing against AI.

With two player mode, you will compete with your friends, invite them to play with you to make the game more fun.

How to control

Click on your character to fold the thumb. Stay in position to crush your opponent until they can't move.