Feed Math

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Feed Math helps you eat sushi while learning math. The sushi on the table has different numbers, choose two sushi with numbers such that their sum equals the game requirements.

Information about revolving sushi

Sushi is a typical dish of Japan. The country is famous for its different types of sushi from raw to cooked. The most common type of sushi is a piece of food on top - it can be fish roe, raw fish meat, eggs, shrimp, seaweed, ect and a ball of rice on the bottom, wrapped together with a strip of seaweed. dried. There is also a type that rolls the food and wraps it in a layer of seaweed to create a mini food bouquet.

Most especially, sushi in Japan is very unique. Sushi pieces will be placed on a plate, they will be marked with different plate colors to distinguish the price between types of sushi. The special thing is that they will be presented on a table that can automatically move and people call it revolving sushi. This is also a special feature that cannot be found anywhere outside of Japan. The popularity of sushi abroad has impressed all over the world.

Eating sushi while studying math

Sushi of many different types is arranged on a table that can move automatically. Each piece of sushi is numbered differently. Choose two different sushi so that their numbers add up to the number required by the game.

You are only allowed two types of sushi and their total must equal the number required by the game. If you add wrong, the game will stop. As many correct calculations are made, sushi eaters will get fatter and fatter. Help him eat so much that he can't eat anymore. If you miscalculate, he will return to his original skinny state.