Frozen Double Trouble

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Frozen Double Trouble searches for the ice queen. Join Anna and Kristoff to find her sister Elsa, who is beautiful but has dangerous magic. Take her home and take over as queen.

The movie Frozen Queen

This is the most popular animated film since Disney officially released the movie to theaters. The film brought in a huge number of viewers and has since formed a line of Disney princesses. The film is about two princess sisters who lost their parents and grew up together, but the younger sister has never seen her sister again since their parents died. The older sister, Elsa, possessed a strange magic that could freeze everything. Because the power was so strong that she could not control herself, she gave up her position as queen and ran away into the forest. In order for the kingdom to not have a master, Anna, the younger sister, must go find her older sister to return to take over the throne. During this time, Anna met Kristoff, who accompanied her in finding her sister.

Take Elsa back to the kingdom

Anna and Kristoff accidentally meet each other on the road and they become companions and go looking for Elsa. On their journey, they encountered many obstacles, but for the great goal of bringing Elsa home, they had to work harder to overcome them. Give them a helping hand so they can achieve their goals faster. The task you need to do is to collect necessary items such as rope to prepare for the search for your sister.

Climb to collect items

You need to climb quite a bit to collect the necessary items. Move up the cliffs above/down, left/right to be able to collect them all. During that journey, you will encounter some obstacles like wolves and other things, climb up mountains or climb ropes to avoid obstacles.

Time to complete the challenge

To collect all the ropes, you need to note the amount you need to collect and keep an eye on your time. Doing it in a shorter time will help you save time searching for Elsa.