Fruit Shoot Boom

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Fruit Shoot Boom becomes an archer who hits every fruit with a bow and arrow. Shoot many different fruits at the same time to create an explosion.

Become a fruit archer

Use the bow to shoot the fruits that are jumping on the screen. The fruits fly in the air and you need to take advantage of the right opportunity to shoot as many fruits at once. It will be more explosive when you hit many fruits in one arrow. You will get extra time or diamonds if you do well. Time is limited so try to take advantage of the right opportunity to score as many points.

Support tools

Shoot giant fruit

Before time runs out, you will have to shoot a giant apple to finish the challenge. However, this giant apple is more difficult to shoot than the regular fruits you have shot from before. You need to choose the right time to hit the apple. An apple's life toolbar is displayed on top of them. Kill it completely by withdrawing its life. However, there are not many arrows, you need to take advantage and use them appropriately.

Bow Store

The fixed bow only has poor combat ability, invest in a bow with higher combat ability when you have a certain number of diamonds. Replacing a new bow will help you accomplish your goal most efficiently.

Item Store

You can buy some items that help you in archery such as buying more time, freezing time, increasing the value of fruit when hit and some other items.