Galactic Training

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Galactic Training takes you into the world of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. Star Wars with kid version. Help the child heroes destroy the forces of evil.

Game inspired by Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

This is an animated series released by Disney Junior. This is one of the new animated series to be broadcast in 2023 by Disney Junior. Although it is quite new, the film has attracted quite a lot of children's interest. This is also one of the successes of Lucasfilm Animation and Wild Canary Animation. The Star Wars animated series for young audiences first aired on the cartoon channel.

Star wars

Mini games

Lightsabet Challenge is a challenge to slash aggressive robots. The robots will attack mercilessly if you don't act first. They will cause you to slowly lose your life until you can't fight anymore. To prevent that from happening, slash them before they hit you. The robots use fruit thrown at you to disorient you and they will sneak. When the robot throws fruits, slash them so that your vision is not affected. Slash the robots on the left/right/upper side. There is also a flying robot that will attack you from above, using the reverse of the sword to counterattack.

Firehawk Flight is the challenge of sitting in a spaceship and shooting meteors coming towards you. They can damage your spaceship so bomb them before they damage your ship. In addition, you need to go through a ring, this is what helps you launch the spaceship faster and automatically destroy the meteors without you having to do it. But its use time is quite short and it will return to the original. Shooting down meteors will earn you points.

How to control

Use your mouse or finger to slash/avoid/shoot and move to the position you want.