Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt

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Explore the mysterious haunted house with Garfield

Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt is a point-and-click adventure game featuring the popular character Garfield. Embarks on a adventure to find 7 hidden packages.

The plot of the game

The game is set in a dark and eerie mansion, filled with various rooms and corridors to explore. As Garfield, you need to navigate through the haunted house , solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to collect the hidden packages. Along the way, you can encounter ghosts, skeletons, and other creepy creatures that need to avoid or outsmart.

Find the seven requested objects

To find the seven required objects in the left corner of the screen, you will need the help of the objects searched and stored in the right corner of the screen. The material on the right side of the screen is what helps you solve the puzzle on the left side of the screen. Additional objects are chained together to find the last desired object.

The game provides hints and tips to help guide you through the puzzles and challenges. Garfield's internal thoughts are projected as tips on the top right portion of the game screen, which can be used to figure out what to do next.

The game also features a scare-o-meter at the bottom of the screen, which fills up as the game gets scarier. You need to be careful not to fill up the scare-o-meter completely, as it will cause you to lose the game.

How to control Garfield

To play this game, use the arrow keys on their keyboard or click on the arrows on the screen to move from room to room. Interact with objects in the game by clicking on them, and they can open locked doors with the keys in their inventory. You need to solve puzzles to discover hidden areas of the house and find the seven packages of goodies hidden throughout the mansion.