Geometry Dash 23

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New version Geometry Dash 23

Geometry Dash 23 takes you on an adventure full of obstacles. This is the latest version in the classic game series of Geometry Dash. With this version, let's wait and see what difference it has compared to other versions.

This game is designed based on existing parts of Geometry Dash. However, there is a small difference in this version of Geometry Dash 23. You'll notice added context by some other details like obstacles or slight changes to the scenery. At the same time, this game also synthesizes three levels: Stereo Madness, Back On Track and Polargeist. These three levels are considered the easiest levels of Geometry Dash. But with version 23, these three levels are somewhat improved.

The main task to do is to help the cube automatically move forward avoiding obstacles such as spikes. Jump up to avoid hitting them and go on the platform. Complete the challenge and reach the finish line. When you are close to the finish line, you will not see any obstacles, jump up and go straight to the wall, a light will flash signaling you have completed the challenge.

Geometry Dash 23 levels

The Stereo Madness level is the easiest level, perfect for those new to the Geometry Dash series. You need to help the cube avoid obstacles on the way and carefully hit the edge of the platform. Jump on platforms in the air without falling down and move flexibly.

The Back On Track level is the same as Stereo Madness but with the yellow space difference. The yellow positions help you automatically fly up and higher than if you jumped yourself. This helps you avoid multiple obstacles adjacent to each other.

The Polargeist level is the most difficult of the three levels. In this level there is a yellow dot difference on the obstacle. It helps the cube jump twice higher to avoid hitting the obstacle right below. These yellow dots will move throughout the process of performing this level.