Geometry Dash SubZero

3 votes 3.3/5

Geometry Dash SubZero makes you hungry to conquer the challenge. Simple to help the character not touch obstacles but it is hard to conquer in a short time.

Some information about Geometry Dash SubZero

The creator of this version

SubZero is a version inspired by the original game, Geometry Dash, but this is a version designed by the community, specifically RobTop Games, so it was not released on the same system. Developers. However, this version has been redesigned to match and increase the difficulty for players, creating new excitement for those who love Geometry games.

Where can you play SubZero

RobTop Games is the creator of this version on IOS and Android in 2017. However, so far, this game has been re-drawn and made easier to play in the online version of our website. You do not need to download and can play anywhere. You can even play on your phone.

Some features of Geometry Dash SubZero

Exciting sound

You will feel a lot of excitement when used in combination with the sound during the game. At the same time, sound is also the key to help you overcome the obstacles. Each dance will synchronize with each beat.

Fresh interface

A winter version will be recreated in this game. Overflowing snow on blocks during movement. The spikes will be designed with snowflakes to create a sparkling winter effect.


This game will take you to experience more difficult than other versions. The difficulty level is an exclamation for players but it is the determination of those who want to conquer to complete the challenge in this game. Retrying many times helps you improve your gameplay and conquer this version.