Getaway Shootout

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Getaway Shootout is a chaotic racing game. You and three opponents compete against each other to see who finishes first. Move and shoot down the opponent and quickly finish first.

Play with the parkour character to the finish line

Journey to move parkour characters to see if you are the first to finish. You will compete against two to three other opponents depending on your choice of game mode. Move your character towards the finish line. In the process of moving, your opponent will not be able to play properly, they will find ways to destroy other opponents so that they can easily reach the finish line and you are no exception. Dodge your opponent's attacks and counterattack as your opponent does to you.

Pay attention to the toolbar where the characters go, and how far from the destination. At the same time, your two-person team is on the left side and the opposing team is on the right side. Score as many goals as possible to get priority.

Features in the game

Game modes

Choice of single player or two player mode. With single player mode, you will play against three other opponents and compete with them to see who can finish first. You will have to overcome many obstacles to reach your destination safely. In addition, the opponents are not at peace, they will try to kill you to reduce the opponent, dodge their shot and use the same thing on the opponent. With two player mode, you and your friend will compete against each other to be the first to finish. Attack or defend yourself to get to the finish line safely.

Unlock characters

Before you start playing, you can easily notice a variety of parkour characters with different skins. To own those characters, you need to meet the requirements that each character makes to have it. Start with two simple characters, a boy and a girl. Win multiple battles to unlock new characters.

How to move

W, E to move and jump

R to shoot