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Gimmiko is a thrilling game about an adventure full of demons that are invading the Gimmick temple. In order for them not to achieve that ambition, play as Gimmiko and fight them off and leave not a single one of them.

The plot of Gimmiko

Every year there will be a day when the demons on Earth gather at Gimmick Temple to destroy and seek to destroy this place. In order for the dark forces to not succeed in this purpose, forcing the guardians of Gimmick Temple to stand up and fight fiercely until no more demons can enter the temple. That means you also need long-term combat experience to destroy all the demons out there.

Tasks to perform

You will play as Gimmiko, the girl who protects the Gimmiko temple from the dark forces. Monsters come from everywhere and you need to fight to kill them all and not let any of them get into the temple.

Use dice to fight them. This dice can kill many demons at once and you need to do it 2-3 times to completely destroy them. In addition, you can use the tools to support yourself in combat, which is the preparation before entering the game. The golden cat will give you several options and you will choose one of them to help you complete the task.

The more successful you are in the fight, the more you will see your fighting ability increase significantly, but it also means that the challenge will be more and more due to the demons appearing more and moving faster. Use these supports to help you in the battle.

Protect your life

You will have four lives in one play. Limit contact with demons because they can cost you your life. Quickly break out of their encirclement and use dice to destroy them.

Other game modes

If you need to practice to supplement your own combat, you can also choose Tutorial to practice. There are many different mini-challenges that you can choose from and practice with.