Go Chicken Go

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Go Chicken Go is a challenging game that takes the chickens across the street. Crossing the road is a nightmare for chickens because the cars run like crazy and the water flows fast.

Crossing the road is a nightmare

So far, crossing the street is something very scary because the traffic is so horrible. Especially for animals crossing the road. They do not know how to see the road and avoid traffic, so there are many tragic deaths. In this game, help the chickens cross the road.

You need to move 35 chickens to the side of the road. The result is a successful crossing when your chicken touches the wall of the screen on the other side of the road. It seems that bringing the chicken across the street is a simple thing, but it is really simple, not sure. If you find implementing obstacles too difficult you can try Mr Mine.

Obstacles when crossing the road

Public transport

Public cars go on the road at a fast speed. For the chicken, it was the speed so fast that the chicken lost its life. Choose the right direction without encountering any vehicle or quickly pass it before it hits you. You will have to overcome the challenge on the lane. The lane will split in two directions. One line goes up and one only goes down.

The river flows fast

When you pass the dead traffic lane, you will next reach the river. Because chickens can't swim like ducks, if they accidentally fall, the chicken will also die. But fortunately on the river there are floating logs, your chicken can move on it and continue to cross the road.

Feathers' help

Feathers have the effect of helping you speed up the road in a short time. Go to the feather and collect it.