Gold Miner

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Gold Miner is looking for the richest gold miner. Use the crane to pick up as much gold as you can. The bigger the gold nugget, the higher the value.

Complete Gold Miner challenges

In stark contrast to other gold mining games like Mr Mine, which use the image of a man mining gold, in this game, the image of a crane is used to mine gold. The gameplay of this game with other gold mining games is not different only the mining character is different, you can completely experiment with a new gold mining image.

Tasks to do

Your task is to use the crane to pick up valuable things underground. Gold nuggets are scattered in many different positions and sizes. Collect as much gold as possible to complete the goal of each level. Collect gold until the target level is reached or pass the target to move to another level.

Goal accomplished

Each level will have a required level of how many points you need to achieve to pass another level. With the first level the target is 670, you have to pick up right or above this level. If you can't pass this goal, you are forced to complete it until it reaches that score.

Things you need to note in the game

Things underground

There are many valuable things underground.

Gold nuggets are scattered in many locations with different sizes. The larger the size of the gold, the longer the pick-up time and the greater value received than the small-sized gold pick.

Diamonds are the most valuable and take the least time to collect. But the number in a level is not much and they are often deep underground, making it difficult for you to exploit.

Magic chests contain valuable things like bombs, money, engines.

Skulls and bones take less time to pick up, but the value is not high. At higher levels, these items will appear dense, making it difficult for you to pick up gold.

Stones are something that takes a lot of time to pick up and is not of high value. Avoid picking it up or using tools that make quarrying more efficient.

Wooden crates are dangerous things that you shouldn't touch. If you accidentally touch it, the wooden crate will immediately explode causing everything around to be destroyed, even the thing you are picking up will disappear if near it, so mine the gold carefully to not hit it.

When you pass the target, you will get bonuses and stars. The more points you earn beyond the target, the more bonuses and stars will be.

Useful items for you

The car engine helps your car to be operated faster and the mining process is also faster. Mining large pieces of gold also does not take time.

Bombs are used for times when you accidentally pick up stones, both time consuming and low value.

Magic bags help you to harvest more magic bags in the next level. The number and value of the magic bags are more than normal.

Increasing the diamond value x2 makes the normal diamond's value double.

Increasing the gold value x2 makes normal gold value double.

Increasing the stone value x3 makes the normal stone value worthless into an item of equivalent value in gold.

How to pick up gold

The crane will swing back and forth, click to reach the crane underground and lift things up.