Greedy Rabbit

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Special rabbit printed Greedy Rabbit

Greedy Rabbit is a puzzle platformer game where you control a hungry rabbit and help it collect vegetables and stars while navigating through challenging levels. The objective of the game is to guide the rabbit to eat three vegetables on each stage to unlock the level exit portal. The game may involve avoiding obstacles like spikes, clouds, and crumbling platforms.

The image of a rabbit has a halo of light surrounding it like a lamp illuminating the night sky. Along with that, the stars also shine. The image may make you think of the rabbit as the moon walking with the stars in the night sky. Rabbits instinctively eat carrots, their favorite food. Help this special bunny eat his favorite food.

Some things to note

Some obstacles to avoid

There are countless different obstacles that the pig needs to avoid. Things like spikes, clouds and crumbling platforms how can they be avoided during movement. Absolutely do not touch the spikes and move carefully without going too far so as not to touch them. Clouds are things that easily cannot be firmly fixed to help the pig stand up. Under the clouds is a height where you can die, so you should not risk going through cloudy places or if you have to go through it, you should hurry. Hurry up if you don't want to fall down. With crumbling, cloud-like platforms, quickly go over or you will fall down along with those platforms. You won't know what dangerous things are underneath those broken foundations.

How to collect stars and carrots

Stars and carrots will be in random positions in the screen. Move to where they are and collect them. If they are too high, jump twice in a row to jump higher or rely on objects that can help you get closer to the stars and carrots.