Guess Who?

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Guess Who? is an atttractive guessing puzzle game. You will be presented with a table with various human figures. You need to guess the character your opponent holds through the details in the questions. Guess the character before they guess you first.

Show your guessing

With simple gameplay, guess the character that the opponent is holding by asking for details about the character. Your opponent will also do the same thing you are doing. So try to ask the best questions to eliminate many of the wrong characters.

Character selection

First, you need to choose the character you want to choose. The characters have different details about skin, gender, hair color, hairstyle, accessories, ect. Randomly select a character to start the game. Your turn is first, there will be a series of questions at the bottom of the screen. Randomize questions to reduce the need to guess. Your turn is then your opponent's turn, each person will take turns asking until they find the object to guess.

Observe the opponent's board

Watch out for your opponent's sea and yours. If the number of characters eliminated by your opponent is less than yours, you risk losing. So choose the critical sentences, observe the remaining characters in your board to see if they have anything in common. The more details you correctly guess, the better off you will be in guessing the character your opponent is holding.

The convenience of the game

An interesting guessing game has appeared on the website with no download required. You can also easily play this game anywhere.