Heart Star

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Heart Star challenges the couple to overcome difficulties and come together. The two characters are on different sides and and cannot go to the other side. So they figured out a place where they could meet.

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Both male and female characters are in their own world. They also cannot go to the enemy's place. Both thought that there would be a place where they could meet each other. And a torch-like step is the perfect place for the two to meet. Both sides will overcome obstacles to get to the place where they need to meet. Moving in turn, women go first, men go back to the rendezvous point. When the two entered the same step, a flash of light signaled that they had succeeded and met.

Challenges in the game

You will experience with 60 different challenges in the game. In the levels, the challenges of both are the same. Perform in turn from female first then male. Go through the obstacles and avoid all the obstacles that hurt you. Be careful when standing on the pedestal, stay in the middle and don't stand close to the edge that can cause you to fall out. Important in overcoming obstacles is to work together to overcome challenges.

How to control

Use left/right arrows to move

X to jump up

C to change characters