Impossible Car Stunt

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Racing Impossible Car Stunt in many spaces

Impossible Car Stunt is a famous racing game that challenges your driving skills. Drive on many terrains in the air, drift your car and avoid obstacles on the road.

Driving is an important element in this game. Practice controlling your vehicle's acceleration, braking, and steering. You need to drive carefully while moving forward. Keep balance so the car doesn't lean to one side and fall off the road. Get used to it and practice drifting when turning at the end of the road or avoiding obstacles.

You also need to pay attention to maintaining driving speed to successfully overcome obstacles or stunts. You can also accelerate to reach the finish line faster, but be careful not to go too fast because it can lead to losing control or crashing.

Following the road you are going up is the solution for you to drive to the finish line. Pay attention to the road ahead because you can fly. Make a high jump and land on the other side of the road. If the flying force is not strong enough, you may fall. To be careful, reverse the car and quickly increase the speed moving forward.

Upgrade vehicles

Your vehicle has the ability to be customized and upgraded with features. Completing missions will unlock some features and you will receive some money from those challenges. You can also buy a new car in the garage with outstanding features available. Upgrading your car can help you overcome challenging tracks more easily.

Many challenges await

You have 6 levels to perform the driving job. These levels have different terrains with different challenges. You will drive in the sky with surrounding clouds or a 3D space full of glitchy details. Focus on driving to your destination which is your ultimate goal.