Impostor Killer

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Impostor Killer is a game that is associated with a popular online multiplayer game called Among Us. Your mission is to assassinate an astronaut without others finding out. Among Us is a social deduction game developed and published by InnerSloth, and it gained significant popularity in 2020.

Introducing Among Us

In this game, participants take on the roles of crew members stationed aboard a spaceship or space station. The primary objective is to successfully complete various tasks that ensure the ship's proper functioning and overall safety. However, amidst the crew members, there are a small number of impostors who aim to sabotage the ship's operations and eliminate other players without raising suspicion.

Played in real-time, Among Us allows players to communicate with one another through text or voice chat features. Discussions and debates arise as everyone tries to uncover who among them are indeed impostors. Crew members have the ability to call emergency meetings where they can openly discuss any suspicious behavior observed during gameplay. They have an opportunity to present evidence and collectively vote on their suspicions regarding potential impostors. Conversely, impostors must employ deception tactics in order to avoid detection by crew members.

Overall, Among Us offers an engaging gaming experience where strategy and deduction play vital roles in determining who will emerge victorious. either the crew members successfully completing their assigned tasks or the cunning impostors managing to deceive everyone until they achieve their nefarious goals.

Thing to do in Impostor Killer

Contrary to the Among Us game, in this game the task you need to do is to play the role of an unjust worker, meaning an impostor in the Among Us astronaut crew. You will pretend to be astronauts and join them in hunting down the impostors among them. Split up and search in all the rooms. Take the opportunity to follow an astronaut into a room and kill him without anyone noticing.

Remember, there is not much time to perform the action, you either succeed before the time allowed or you fail if you are discovered or have not completed the task. Don't let the second astronaut know you're doing something bad. They will gather all members to destroy you. Just kill one person and you will win the mission, but make sure no one else discovers that you are the impostor.