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How a beat is created in Incredibox

Incredibox is an innovative and entertaining online music game that allows players to unleash their creativity and compose unique tunes. Become the conductor of a virtual a cappella group, creating catchy beats, melodies, and harmonies with just a few clicks.

Character interfaces correspond to different music effects

The game features a charming and stylish interface with a lineup of animated characters, each representing a different musical element. You start by selecting a character, and as you progress, more characters are unlocked, each with their own distinct sounds and styles. Each character corresponds to a specific musical component such as drums, bass, melodies, effects, and more.

How to create a good song

To compose your music, simply drag and drop various icons onto the characters. Each icon represents a different sound or beat, and as you add and combine them, the characters start singing and beatboxing in sync with your composition. Experiment with different combinations, layering sounds, and adding effects to create your own unique musical compositions.

Style and melody are created in a song

The game offers a range of musical styles and themes, allowing you to explore various genres and moods. Whether you prefer a groovy hip-hop rhythm, a catchy pop melody, or a soulful jazz harmony, Incredibox provides a diverse selection of sounds and loops to suit your musical taste.

Incredibox is a tool to create the greatest music

Incredibox is not just a game but also a creative tool that encourages musical experimentation and expression. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to players of all ages and musical backgrounds. You can save and share your compositions with others, showcasing your musical talent and engaging in a vibrant community of music enthusiasts. Murder also gets beat ideas from this game that you can hear and feel.