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iScribble.io is a multiplayer competition with color-customized cube characters. Kill other cubes by attacking them when they are not on guard and vice versa.

Draw squiggly lines and claim territory in iScribble.io

A competition involving many different competitors. Each person will represent a different color. Compete in a field, eliminating all players in the field to find the winner. It's not about invading territory, it's about killing people to have the fewest opponents in the yard. You, like other opponents, walk around where you leave your mark so that your opponent cannot erase it.

When you feel threatened, quickly return to where you marked your territory if you don't want to die. Leave your mark as big as possible, don't be too hasty when trying to kill other opponents, you won't know who else can do the same thing when you don't defend your territory.

The way to kill opponents quickly is to attack the line where they leave traces closest to them. That means they haven't gone far and the territory hasn't been fortified and thoroughly defended by vestiges.

Choose freely the color you desire and bring you the most luck. The comb is only a part, the element of luck is also quite important, so take advantage of what you can get lucky with.

How to navigate the character

You don't need to use many operations to control your cube character. Use the mouse or directly use your hand to move on the screen to direct the character's path.