Island Of Mine

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Island Of Mine restores a beautiful island full of sparkling crystals. Start from small things like cutting down trees to exchange or upgrade higher items. Expand the territory with the money you earn.

Build your empire

You are placed on a small island around the surface of the sea. There is only one chest on the island, click on it to open it and get some bonus. To expand the land, you need to spend money to open a new area. After opening four plots of land, you will receive 1 house, 1 tree, 1 machine making machine and 1 chest containing valuables. Start from cutting trees to get firewood and from there grow more than wood.

Collect some items

In the process of building your own empire, you will receive some sacred artifacts, gold coins around your house. The more you expand the area, the more obstacles you will encounter. But do not be discouraged, try to overcome slowly, you will surely endure and overcome.

Restoring the island

The real aim of this game is to restore the original shape of the island. This island used to be also a beautiful place with many valuable things like crystals and some other things. Restore it to its original form and you will be the one to make and own it.

Operations of Island Of Mine

To be able to accomplish the set goal, you need to do the following things:

  • Move the character with the WASD
  • Use your mouse to click on things like chests
  • Use the E key to expand the area
  • Press F to freeze the tool you want to use. If you want to change other tools, go to the machine making machine.