Just Fall LOL

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Just Fall LOL find out who is the longest survivor. You and other opponents stand on the hexagonal icebergs and can fall off the field at any time.

Become the longest-lived

You and many other opponents will stand on a field with very fragile hexagonal rocks. If you don't move to another direction, you may fall down. Try to go around breaking all the hexagons on the first field and continue doing so with the worms below. Try to survive and become the remaining survivor. The game will stop when you fall off the field or you are the only one left. There are only 3 fields, if you fall off the third field, the game will be over.

Some adjustments you might be interested in

Color change

You can change the color of your character's fur with many different colors. It's not only a way to distinguish your penguin and your opponent's, but it's also a refreshing change to make the game more colorful.

Modes in this game

There are many modes for you to choose from: Casual, Competitive and Custom with friends.

Casual is a mode where you and 8 random opponents compete to see who is the last survivor. Going around the fragile hexagonal rocks is the best way.

Competitive mode includes 4 different minigames named Hexagon, Just Blocks, Just Jump, Parkour. True to the name of the minigame, you need to perform these missions and try to be the last survivor.

Custom with friends mode is like Competitive mode, instead of opponents being your friends. You will compete against each other and find out who wins.