Kitten Hide And Seek

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Kitten Hide And Seek asks you to help the girl avoid the eyes of black cat. Move her without being detected. Collect items to decorate the house and her clothes.

Story of the game

The girl in the red dress with short yellow hair is living happily with her black cat. For some reason, the girl is shrunk and her cat doesn't detect her real owner and just sees her as a rat that has come to destroy the house. You have to move to the food area and have no choice but to hide from the black cat's eyes so it won't detect her.

The girl is looking for ways to find a way to make herself back to the way she was, to be able to embark on the goal, first of all, she needs a place to be convenient for research.

The task that the little girl needs to do

Your task is very simple. The girl will automatically move from the starting line and to the finish line. On the way there, you will see the cat looking around because it hears a strange noise. Help the girl hide in the objects that help you hide. Stay in place until the cat moves away.

Tools to aid in hiding

You can use stealth, move forward without hiding in any objects. However, this feature is only valid for 5 seconds, beware when the feature expires and you are about to meet a patrolling cat. Besides, the Speed up feature helps you go faster to reach the destination faster.

Decorate house

To be able to provide accommodation, the girl has found a place to live, but it needs to be cleaned and reorganized like a tiny house. Each time you do it successfully, you will collect a decoration for your house. Do it many times to collect all the furniture in the house.

Unlock Skins

There are tons of different models of clothes that you can exchange using the money you earn and buy them. If you are bored with the red dress with a red bow on top, refresh yourself by changing into another outfit.