Knife Smash

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Knife Smash guides you to the most effective use of the knife blade. Throw the knife at the wood, skewer the apples for extra points and don't hit the knife on the wood.

Become a knife-throwing ninja

Knife throwing is one of the subjects that every ninja needs to do to train their fighting ability. The more successful the knife throw, the more proficient your knife skills become. And to throw a standard knife, you need to pay attention to the following.

Aim for the apple

You have six throws at a circular wooden board. This round wooden board contains apples and some knives already pinned on the wooden board. Throw all the knives you have on the board, in the process of throwing, choose the position where the apples are and hit it. Score more points from hitting the apple, the number of apples is accumulated through many successfully completed challenges.

Avoid running into the knives

On the wooden board with a few knives available, throw the knives into the places where there are empty positions. In addition, the knives that you have thrown before, if they hit them, will have to stop the game. The wooden board will move in a clockwise direction at an unstable speed, choosing the right time to not hit the knives.

Unlock new knife

Contrary to many other games, using money to exchange for new weapons, for this game, you will get a new knife when you win many challenges. There is no fixed amount of gain to get the new knife. Play and wait to see new knives in any unknown challenge.