Liquid Puzzle

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Separate mixed solutions in laboratory flasks

Liquid Puzzle separates different solutions arranged in a laboratory flask into solutions with distinct colors. Pay attention to the mission time if you don't want to lose any stars.

Several experimental flasks were presented with the solutions mixed together. Your task is to turn these mixed solutions into separate solutions. Laboratory flasks have enough room for interchangeability as long as the solutions are kept separate in the end.

Time to complete the challenge

Pay attention to the time it takes to complete the challenge. The shortening of time is equivalent to the number of stars gradually decreasing. Completing the task quickly will keep you three stars. The longer you complete it, the fewer stars you will receive. This is a game that is considered a game that uses gentle intelligence with simple gameplay that will not make it difficult for you. The quick fight against time is what you need to do.

Collect stars and diamonds

The number of diamonds received corresponds to the number of stars you earn. 3 stars get 3 diamonds, 2 stars get 2 diamonds, and 1 star gets 1 diamond. Accumulate diamonds and stars to unlock newer, more difficult challenges. This means that the challenges will be more difficult and more numerous. At this time, you need to practice your agility to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

Random rewards

Open the mysterious gift box on the screen to see what gift you receive. The main reward is diamonds but the amount can be more or less depending on your luck. In addition, you can receive additional diamonds after 3 hours from unlocking the gift.