Madalin Stunt Cars

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Race in challenging Madalin Stunt Cars environments

Madalin Stunt Cars is a 3D stunt driving game that offers an opportunity to drive powerful sports cars. Perform various stunts in a multiplayer environment.

Choose and customize your car

This game has a wide selection of cars with different characteristics and styles. Experiment with various vehicles to find one that suits your preferences and driving style. Some cars may be better suited for certain stunts or terrains, so try them all to discover your favorites.

This game have customization options for your vehicles, too. Personalize your car with different paint colors, decals, or even modifications to enhance performance. Express your style and make your car stand out in the game.

Explore racing in the open world

A large open world with ramps, loops, and other structures designed for stunts. Take the time to explore the environment to find hidden areas, secret jumps, and challenging obstacles. The open world is filled with opportunities for creative stunts and thrilling experiences.

This game encourages players to perform daring stunts and showcase their driving skills. Use ramps, loops, and other structures to launch your car into the air and execute flips, spins, or other acrobatic maneuvers. The game has no limits on creativity, so don't be afraid to try new stunts and combinations.

Master the controls

Familiarize yourself with the controls of the game to get comfortable with driving and performing stunts. Typically, the arrow keys or WASD keys are used for steering and acceleration, while the spacebar is used for handbrake or drifting. Practice your control inputs to improve your precision and maneuverability.