Miner's Adventure

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Miner's Adventure demonstrates teamwork in collecting valuables. Join adventurers to collect gold and gems deep underground. Be careful with traps and enemies when encountering them.

Adventurers' treasure hunt

The journey of treasure explorers is played out in this game. Here, two grandson and grandson wearing explorer clothes will search for precious stones and gold deep underground. The two of you will go through many different challenges to collect many precious things.

The grandfather is responsible for collecting gold bars and the grandson is responsible for collecting gems. The two will work together to find the key to open the door of new challenges. However, the journey to find something precious is not easy for the two characters. Both will have to overcome many challenges as well as their lives to secure the finish line.

Requirements of the challenge

Each person will have a maximum of three lives in a challenge and need to maintain their strength to reach the finish line together. The grandson will show the number of gems to collect and the grandfather will show the required number of gold bars. Both earn enough will unlock the new gate together. At the same time, both of them share the same challenge of the number of keys, finding enough numbers and completing another task to reach the finish line.

Number of challenges

You will experience challenges in 16 different levels. Different levels of space design and context. Here, there will be random difficult obstacles that cause you to lose your life. Pass together to reach the destination.

How to control

Player 1

Moving with WASD

F to shot

G to whip

T to use key

Player 2

Move with arrow keys

K to dig

L to grenade

T to use key