Mini Steps

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Mini Steps takes you into the classic platform game. Help the lovely pink Slime collect gold coins and avoid obstacles that could harm him. Test all levels and rehearse them in the shortest time.

Lead slimes to collect gold coins

Take the lovely pink Slime moving across the platforms to collect the gold coins. Move to locations that are not dangerous for you to collect gold coins. Be wary of places containing fire because it kills you. Stay calm and wait for the right moment to move without touching the fire.

Game modes

Start will take you to experience each different challenge. The level goes from easy to difficult as you level up. There are all 27 levels for you to experience. You will be familiar with the terrain and the reasonable moves to not touch the fire.

Speedrun is like Start in that the terrains are identical. What you need to do is complete the task as quickly as possible. Complete 27 levels in the shortest time. To get the fastest time, you need to do the Start part to be able to understand the fastest direction. Score your points and be on the list of the earliest successful performers.

Features of the game

  • Lovely Slime character
  • Exciting, engaging sound
  • Background image with pixel blocks creates a vintage effect

Move character

You can move with the arrow keys or WASD to perform the task. A more idle click game called Mr Mine if you don't want to move too much.