Monsters Cafe

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Monsters Cafe takes you into the cat demon's party by shooting candies at the request of each cat. Completing each cat's claim gives you an edge on the next claim.

Party of cat demons

Halloween is about to come. Our black cat has a craving for candies and you need to help him get the amount of candy he wants before he gets mad. And to do that, you need to shoot candies in the fortress on the screen. The candies are stacked on top of each other to look beautiful. To take a multi-candy step, select one of the two candies in the fortress and shoot it at the screen. Maintain as long as possible by not touching the red line near the fortress. And in the process of collecting candy, you will see a ghost holding a brain, catch that ghost and use the brain.

Flexible conversion of candy

There are 2 candies in the fortress that you can change flexibly. Use either and shoot them where you want them.

Things to note

The ghost holds the brain: catch it to make its brain yours. Use your brain to shoot at the screen to destroy the candies without having to be the same.

The cat cushion-shaped candy acts as a bomb. It has the effect of exploding the balls around it.

Complete each cat's request

Successfully destroying the number of candies required by the cat will receive a heart. Hearts will be exchanged for candies containing values such as increased points, and some other abilities.