Mummy Candies

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Mummy Candies help the mummies rise and collect the humans candies. Complete the required number of candies from the underground. The goals will grow bigger as you complete more challenges.

Become a monster possessing evil power

The miner this time is not the usual gold miner. In this version of Halloween, the mummies will rise and need to collect special candies to help them accomplish their main goal of teasing people. On Halloween, everyone dressed up as monsters, but this is the right time for the demons to rise and tease people.

Collect the candies

The candies are the only source of motivation and food that can help the mummy improve her evil powers. Exploit them as much as possible. The candies will have a value equal to their size but as opposed to their mining ability. Small candies are low value but fast mining and big candies are high value but slow mining can affect the allotment time.

Bones and skulls

This is not a high value, if you catch it, you only get 2$.


For many other mining games gold is the most valuable thing a miner can earn but with this game it is different. Gold has no value, you won't even get any coins if you're unlucky.

Magic bag

The bag has a high value because when picked up you will receive one of the things like power, money or bomb. Its grip speed is unpredictable or fast. But you can also guess that when the pick up speed is fast, you will probably get something valuable like power, bombs; Slow pick up speed can get value like money.

Mining game

This is a mining game with a Halloween suit version. Also you can try some other casual mining games like Gold Miner Classic. The classic gold mining game goes back to many people's memories.