My Dolphin Show 9

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My Dolphin Show 9 will recreate the dolphin show in this game. Controlling the main character is a dolphin that successfully completes the challenges and receives applause from the audience.

Dolphin Show in My Dolphin Show 9

If you've seen dolphin shows at an amusement park, you'll surely know what your mission is. Specifically, you will control the dolphin to perform a performance with tools to get the audience's applause.

Jump on the water, launch into the air to perform some games like touch the ball, swim through the floats in the air, break the wooden crates, ect. A show will last for 5 thousand, successful and in a short time will help your dolphins receive more accolades and the number of spectators will also be larger.

Practice before the show

Performance supplies

You will be performing a dolphin show with many different items. You can see some items like lanterns, balls, and some other things. With these different widgets you will also be performing with many different positions. Make decisive jumps to complete the mission in the best way.

Unlock new characters

Dolphin is the symbolic character of this game. You can also own other animals to perform shows. Other characters you can choose from are other fishes, dolphin costumes or people. Choose your favorite character and prepare for the next performance.