Narrow One

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Narrow One takes you into the world of archery battles. Choose from two teams: blue or red. Use a bow and arrow and hit the target that is your opponent's team.

The battle between two archery teams

Choose your team to be blue or red and destroy the opposing team of the opposite color. You and many people in your team split up to accomplish the goal. Move around and find the object to destroy. Stay alert and look in all directions as you move to avoid being hit. When you find an object to destroy, quickly hide in a position where they cannot see you. The game ends when one of the two teams survives the longest. If you are accidentally killed, you will also receive a sum of money if your team wins in the end.

Features in Narrow One

The maps of the game

There are many maps that you can choose freely. With more than 20 different maps, you can enjoy famous terrains and landmarks that you have never visited. The variety of spaces makes the game more attractive.

Weapons in a team

Scout: the bow usually fires one arrow at a time but it can fire three arrows at once if loaded at the same time.

Assaunt: bow shoots an arrow for snipings

Sharpshooter: a single-arrow sniper bow. Can zoom when dragging and the level of damage is almost absolute. However, because of its weight and bulkiness, the player moves slowly

Runner: the crossbow automatically shoots an arrow, is the lightest weapon, moves very lightly but has a short range and low damage level

Support: a machine gun-style crossbow with a fast rate of fire. But since it is a bit heavy, the movement speed is lower on average and the arrow recovery time is long

Defender: a combination of Sharpshooter and Runner with accurate range, high damage, moderate weight and short reload time.