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The fight between ninjas in Ninja.io

Ninja.io is a fast-paced multiplayer browser game. Control the ninja stickman character to join the battles against other stickmen and be the last survivor.

The game offers fast and fluid gameplay, engage in intense battles with other players in real-time. The objective is to eliminate opponents and be the last ninja standing. In a battle there are objects that can become obstacles or help you avoid your opponent's attacks. You need to have the right strategy so that you don't lose a lot of strength and don't have to kill many opponents.

How to controls the ninja

The controls are typically straightforward and easy to learn. You can move your ninja character using the WASD keys or the arrow keys and aim with your mouse.

Options before starting combat

Weapons and abilities

This game provides a variety of weapons and abilities to enhance your combat skills. You may have access to a primary weapon, such as shurikens or swords, and secondary weapons like grenades or mines. Additionally, some ninjas possess unique abilities like teleportation or invisibility, adding strategic elements to the gameplay. Weapons are selected in the shop, some upgraded weapons are unlocked according to the number of successful battles. Some power abilities can also be found in the store and are up to your preference.

Maps and environments

The game offers multiple maps and environments to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. These maps may have various obstacles, platforms, and hiding spots that you can utilize strategically to outmaneuver your enemies. Experience each map and environment to find where you are best suited. From there, there are strategies to help you win more battles.