Om Nom Run

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Running challenge with Om Nom

Om Nom Run challenges Om Nom the frog to a running race. Avoid obstacles and collect as many coins as possible. Join Om Nom to meet his friends on his adventure journey.

Our frog Om Nom has a challenge in this game to run in a running race. Complete the running goals required by the game. Each level is a running goal, you need to complete and achieve that goal. The running journey will not be as simple as you think. You need to pay attention and avoid obstacles on the road. Move left/right, jump to avoid obstacles or get on trucks or speedboats. And don't forget to collect as many coins as possible during your run. You will stop when you hit an obstacle or when you surpass your current goal and move on to a bigger goal.

Collect coins

Coins appear a lot during your run. Go to the coins and collect as many of them as possible. In addition, following coins is also a way for you to avoid obstacles ahead, which reduces the risk of hitting an obstacle when you are not paying attention ahead. Additionally, use the coins you earn to exchange for the next new character.

Support things while running

While running, you may encounter some supports on the way and they have some of the following features: Magnets help you attract all the coins near you. The scooter helps you run faster than usual with the ability to fly in the air. There are no obstacles in the sky and there are countless coins that can be collected.

Om Nom's friends

Originating from the animated series in On Nom's adventurous journey to new lands. He encountered many obstacles but he was lucky that he met kind friends during his journey. They help him overcome challenges and with each new land he gets acquainted and makes many friends like Fire Nom, Om Nom X, ect. Once again they will appear with Om Nom in this game.