Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack

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Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack is an online platformer game developed by Flipline Studios. Rescue his customers who have been captured by evil pizza ingredients.

The plot of Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack

The game's plot revolves around Papa Louie being transported to a dimension made of food. The evil onions have taken his loyal customers hostage and Papa Louie must rescue them. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter different challenges and enemies, eventually leading to a showdown with the main antagonist.

Rescuing loyal customers

The game is set in the town of Munchmore, where pizzas have come to life and taken over. The player must overcome various levels and defeat pizza monsters to rescue Papa Louie's customers. Along the way, Papa Louie can use his pizza cutting board to attack enemies or jump on their heads. Along the way, you can collect pizzas and other rewards to earn points and improve your score.

As you reach higher levels, you'll encounter various pizza ingredients that act as enemies, including pepperoni, onions, tomatoes, and more. Each element has its own attack pattern and behavior, adding to the game's challenge.

How to control the chef

In Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack, you navigate through various levels filled with enemies and obstacles. You can move left and right with the arrow keys, jump with the spacebar, climb up and down ladders with the up and down arrow keys, and perform melee attacks with the Z key. You can also throw bombs Spend with the X key and check the bonus with the B key. The Enter key is used to pause or resume the game.