Penalty Shooters 2

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Penalty Shoots 2 is a popular online sports game where you participate in penalty shootouts. Choose your favorite country and compete against other teams.

Show off your soccer ability

Two main phases in this game

Score goals by taking penalty shots and, at the same time, try to save the opponent's shots as the goalkeeper. The gameplay involves two main phases: shooting and goalkeeping.

During the shooting phase, you control a player from your selected team and aim to score goals by adjusting the direction, power, and curve of your shot. You need to time your shot correctly to beat the opposing goalkeeper and score points for your team.

In the goalkeeping phase, you take on the role of the goalkeeper and try to save the opponent's shots. You can control the goalkeeper's movement and dive to the left or right to block the incoming shots. The better you time your dives, the higher the chances of making a save.

Unlock new features

You can unlock new teams, stadiums, and customization options to personalize your gaming experience when you upgrade your soccer ability. Additionally, there may be different game modes, such as a single-player campaign, multiplayer matches, or tournaments, where you can compete against other players online.

How to play soccer in Penalty Shoots 2

To aim and shoot as a kicker: Click and hold the mouse button to aim the shot, and release the button to make the kick.

To make a save as a goalkeeper: Click and hold the mouse button to move the goalkeeper and position them to make a save, and release the button to make the save.

These controls allow you to alternate between being the kicker and the goalkeeper in the penalty shootouts. Remember to time your shots and saves accurately to increase your chances of winning the match.