Penguin Love Puzzle

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Penguin Love Puzzle is a game that involves solving puzzles to bring penguin pals together. Arrange puzzle blocks in the correct order to reunite the penguins. It is a retro-themed picture swap logic puzzle game where you switch picture swatches to solve the puzzles.

The game features beautiful graphics made with pixel art and can be played online for free on various platforms. It is also available as an APK for Android devices.

How to control

To play Penguin Love Puzzle, you typically use touch controls to interact with the game. You touch the squares and exchange them to solve the puzzle and achieve the goal of reuniting the penguins.

The journey of male penguins to find female penguins

The male penguin character will go looking for the female penguin. And only the male penguin moved and came to the female penguin. How to move the obstacles and get to where the female penguin is standing.

Locked spaces are the biggest obstacle

Some of the obstacles that make it difficult for penguins to move quickly are obstacles in locked cell locations. Locked cells cannot be moved and only remaining cells can be moved. There are two types of empty cell positions that you need to keep in mind. Gray empty cells are empty cells that cannot be removed or moved. The yellow empty box is an empty box that can be unlocked if its key is found. Move to the cell with the key and unlock it.

The difficulty of the challenge gradually increases

The challenges will become more and more difficult as more empty boxes appear. Some challenges require you to move all the spaces to complete the challenge. Some challenges need you to remove some empty tiles, don't use them to complete the challenge as long as you have a good eye.

Overall, Penguin Love Puzzle is a fun and challenging game that combines puzzle-solving with adorable penguin characters. It is suitable for players who enjoy logic puzzles and want to help the penguins find love.