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Elegant pleasure - Feeding the birds

Pigeon is a delightful arcade game that revolves around the simple pleasure of feeding your bird. Your goal is to help your bird into the fruits and catch worms to pass the levels.

Fruit is food for birds

As your little pigeon scampers around a fruit, it's up to you to guide it in devouring the fresh and juicy parts. By clicking the left mouse button, you can make your character feast on the delectable fruit. However, be wary and ensure that your pigeon only consumes the undamaged portions. Eating a damaged fruit will spell the end of the game, preventing you from advancing to the subsequent levels. Exercise caution and take a moment to inspect the fruit before giving it a peck.

Worms are the best source of nutrition

Within the fruit, several spots will harbor worms, which serve as excellent sustenance for your feathered friend. You can collect these worms to nourish your character. Keep in mind that the worms may be hidden deep within the fruit, so you must carefully scrutinize each bite. Stay vigilant and avoid any mistakes. Good luck!

By accumulating worms, you can unlock and purchase various power-ups that will aid you in swiftly completing the game and earning plenty of crowns as rewards.

Use support tools

Pigeon offers three types of power-ups that can assist you in accomplishing your mission. If you have an ample supply of worms, you can utilize these power-ups multiple times.

The Bomb: Unlockable with a minimum of 10 worms, the bomb power-up allows you to eliminate numerous worms and damaged fruits simultaneously. You'll gain more depth in the game and increase your crown count.

The Frozen: The rotating nature of the fruit presents a formidable challenge. Utilize the frozen power-up to slow down or halt the fruit's rotation, making it easier to navigate.

The Bug Spray: With the bug spray power-up, you can eradicate multiple worms without affecting the fruit itself, providing a strategic advantage in your gameplay.