Pixel Shooter

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Pixel Shooter is a game about gun battles with pixel characters. Prepare carefully before going to the field. Hiding in a safe position keeps you from getting hurt and unnoticed by your opponents. You need to shoot and take down the targets to win.

Gunfight with shooting opponents

You will enjoy entering the colorful space of pixels. Prepare carefully before starting the battle. When you are ready, start the battle with the characters against each other. Use your gun to destroy the opponents around you before they try to destroy you too.

Modes in Pixel Shooter

PK mode

Single mode: Alone you will fight many different opponents. Quickly kill opponents near you before they destroy you.

Team mode: Select some characters to join your team. Split up to attack the opponent. Whoever's team survives longer will be the winner.

Bomb mode: Solve mines and bombs but still have to ensure your own life. Try to clear mines before time runs out.

Fight mode

The battle patterns are based on the context with different space, creating new and diverse for the game. Battle modes like Space mode, Frag mode, Flag mode and Zombie mode. The images correspond to them, you can choose from four different backgrounds to choose from.

Skills to note

There are 13 skills that you need to upgrade if you want your character to survive longer. The more skills you have, the stronger your fighting ability makes the enemy even if they attack, they can't fight you and you will also survive longer.