Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is an exploration game full of pixelated obstacles. Help Peppino, the poor chef, save his restaurant from the rival who threatens his shop.

Pizza Tower's plot

Join Peppino, the struggling pizza chef, on an epic adventure in this game. Despite running a pizza restaurant, Peppino constantly faces financial challenges.

To make matters worse, a menacing character named Pizzaface constructs a towering pizza-shaped fortress next to Peppino's eatery. Pizzaface aims to use a powerful nuclear laser from his tower to demolish Peppino's pizzeria. The tower's exterior is impenetrable, so Peppino must infiltrate it and dismantle it from within.

However, he must navigate through treacherous traps and confront various adversaries along the way. Your mission is to assist the determined chef in securing his beloved pizzeria from impending destruction.

Fight to regain the store

Find the emergency exit

In this action-packed game, you'll embark on a challenging journey through multiple stages, strategically navigating your way to the exit door on each floor. However, beware of the enemies that stand in your path, determined to impede your progress. Your mission is to complete the tasks required to conquer this game and emerge victorious.

Reaching the exit door is your primary objective. As you traverse each floor, you'll encounter a series of formidable platforms that must be conquered. Control your character's movements, executing jumps, slides, and falls to overcome ground obstacles. At times, you'll need to employ a combination of running, hurriedly, and jumping to reach higher platforms and advance further.

Fight with enemies

Engage in thrilling battles with enemies using powerful attacks. By building up speed and dashing towards your adversaries, you can eliminate the strange creatures inhabiting the tower. This speed-up technique, known as Mach Run, can also be utilized to break blocks and weak bricks.

Rescue friends

While collecting ingredients along your journey can contribute to increasing your score, your primary focus should always be on ensuring your character's safety. Moreover, keep an eye out for Toppins, who has been captured within the tower. Break walls and blocks to rescue them, and they will become your loyal companions. Accumulate enough rescued characters and successfully reach the final exit door to complete a level.

How to control the character

Mastering the game controls is essential for your success. Utilize the left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward, while the up arrow key enables you to climb ladders. Press the Z key to execute jumps and the X key to charge up and gain speed. Remember, your character unleashes their full potential as they gather momentum. Combine the up arrow key and Z key to execute higher jumps. Additionally, press the designated key while in freefall to employ specific actions.