Pose To Hide

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Pose To Hide is a puzzle game in which one player tries to hide himself by posing, while the other player tries to guess the hidden player's location.

Tasks to be done

You will be given a problem: how to fit the people in front of the screen so that they can all stand in a black block on the screen. The black block is the frame that contains everyone. Choose a suitable pose for each character so they can all fit into the black frame. This frame is quite unstable and has no place for the characters to stand if they choose the wrong pose.

You must make sure everyone in front of the screen fits into the frame, no one can touch anyone else or touch the black frame border. Complete the challenge as quickly as possible before the mission time ends. Challenges are always waiting for you ahead for you to solve puzzles.

Main characteristics of the game

Click on each character to change positions. Some poses are suggested and choose one that fits the frame.

Place everyone in the frame so that everyone has their own place, no one touches anyone else, and no one touches outside the black frame border.

The frame is not allowed to have gaps, the standing posture must also fit the frame.

The time taken for one challenge is a little over a minute. During this time, complete the challenge as soon as possible to move on to the next challenge or you will have to do it again until you succeed.

Many challenges are waiting for you behind, try to complete it as soon as possible.