Potato Chips Making

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Potato Chips Making takes you into the industrial potato chip making industry. Do you wonder how the potato chips that you eat every day are prepared? Start working to know the process of making potato chips.

The process of making potato chips

To make potato snanks, there are many stages. Go through each stage to see how potato chips are formed.

Peach potatoes

Starting with the job is to dig the potatoes underground after a period of care. Use the shovel to dig up the potatoes and put them in the basket.


Wash the potatoes dug from the ground. Then proceed to dry to make the potatoes look smooth and clean.

Cut potato chips

Once the potatoes are clean, proceed to cut the potatoes into small potato slices. Insert each potato into the cutter for faster cutting.

Potato processing

The potato slices that have been cut will proceed to the machine for processing. From raw potatoes to cooked and crisp potatoes.


The deliciously fried potato slices will be seasoned with spices to enhance the flavor of the potatoes.


Take the prepared potato chips and pack them into different packages.

How to control

To do the steps of making potato chips, completely use mouse clicks to perform. When you don't know what to do, a hand will show you what to do next.