Prison Escape: Stickman Story

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Prison Escape: Stickman Story is a story about a stickman wearing a hat who catches the real thief but the police don't believe it. Help him get out of prison.

Stickman was wrongly convicted

Stickman with a black hat is in the jewelry store, he discovered a real thief but he completely lost track of the thief. At the scene, there was no trace of the real thief, so when the police arrived, only Stickman was there and they concluded that he was a jewelry thief. They put him in jail, but he certainly wasn't comfortable in prison. Help him escape from here.

Escape from prison

Help him make choices

He was in prison, but he was not at peace. He discovers a crack in the wall, which helps him choose one of three ways to break the cracked wall. Continuing you will come to the next challenge when going through the broken wall, stickman accidentally meets the aggressive police dog who is about to attack him. Again choose one of three ways to get rid of the dog. You will perform the challenges one after another until the stickman completely escapes from the prison.

The outcome of making the wrong choice

When choosing one of three options to solve any situation. Do not worry too much when you are allowed to be wrong one more time. Please consider carefully to not choose wrong again. Because when you choose wrong twice, you will start over the entire previous challenge.