Rocket Bot Royale

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Rocket Bot Royale takes you into the battle of the tanks. Move on the ground avoiding contact with water, shoot down opponents when encountering them on the road. Quickly destroy them before they do the same to you.

Fight with other tanks

The war of tanks never ends. Join the battle with other opponents to find the tank with the longest survivability. At the beginning of the battle, you will be promoted directly to the battle site of the tanks. When you see the hidden land, land on the ground and start your journey. Destroy other tanks until you find the one that lasts as long as you can.

Features of the game

Game modes

Battle Royale: fight 35 other opponents. Play for points Play to earn points to progress throughout the season

Ranked Royale: fight 4 opponents, play to earn trophies to climb the leaderboard

Squad Royale: play as a team, invite friends or be placed in a team, play 4 teams of 4

Custom match: create or join a game with custom settings for the number of participants

Collect gold coins

In the process of moving on the islands, do not forget to collect gold coins to store. Use gold coins in shopping for your tank. In addition, you can watch ads to get more gold coins.

Unlock new skins

Your tank needs to be renewed to add more liveliness and freshness. You can choose from new changes to tanks, badges, parachutes and trails. There are many shapes and colors for you to choose from.