Rocking Wheels

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Rocking Wheels is a fun driving game where the rock band is running late for their own concert. Help them drive fast to get to their show in time. Collect Coin, Fuel, Nitro Boost along the way.

The beginning of the late tour

A rock band is on its way touring all over the United States. However, due to some problems, they couldn't get to their own concert on time. They are bewildered, worried about their fans having to wait long and showing their unprofessionalism. In order not to get a bad reputation, help them become the driver to help them quickly get to the show at the right time.

Drive to the concert in time

Drive fast to get to the concert in time. During the move, move as quickly as possible and don't forget to collect Coins, Fuel, and Nitro Boosts along the way. Fuel, Nitro Boost helps you move faster. Coins help you upgrade your vehicles.

Upgrade your vehicle

Features to help upgrade your vehicle include Max Speed, Acceleration, Nitro. Three features need to be used before embarking on a tour. Especially when the distance is longer but the time allowed is only 60 seconds, you need to use them to reach the finish line in time. They have a maximum upgrade to 5 levels, use the money along the way to exchange this upgrade.

Levels in the game

The game has 30 levels corresponding to 30 band concerts. The tour will get longer and longer, but time does not allow it. Quick arrival at any cost.

How to move

Down/ left arrow to brake

Up/ right arrow to accelerrate

How to multiply three stars

The journey takes only 60 seconds, quickly reach the destination before time runs out. To be able to get three stars, you can reach the finish line before the time is 20 seconds, which is the right time to get many stars. The levels will become more and more difficult with longer journeys but still in a short time of 60 seconds. Do everything you can to reach the finish line in time.