Safari Chef

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Safari Chef is a mind game that helps adventurer feed the animals. They cannot get food on their own, so draw a line of food that flows down the animal's mouth.

Adventurer's journey to feed wild animals

The old adventurer is living well with his dog and cat. However, he found himself needing to make a breakout at the end of his run. That's why he devised a plan to explore each country, feeding the animals of each country. This is his achievement and you help him fulfill his wish.

Feed the wild animals

The wildlife below is very hungry and needs to be eaten. Help the bucket of food above pour into the mouths of wild animals. The bucket cannot deliver food to the animals on its own. Draw a line that helps the food to flow down the mouth of each animal. Let them be satisfied with their food.

Pay attention to the amount of your brush consumption. The more strokes you use, the less likely you will get three stars. The number of stars will decrease if you use a lot. So, if you want to get three stars, strategically use as few strokes as possible.

Explore with many different lands

In this game, you will experience with many different countries with many types of animals typical of each country. There are a total of 7 different countries. Experience feeding the animals in these countries. A notebook that records and collects animals in each country is displayed in the left corner of the screen. Discover the animals that represent each country and how to find out what they eat.

Unlock new country

You will begin your exploration with the first country of Brazil. In this country you need to do it successfully and earn at least 31 stars out of 45 stars to be able to unlock another country. Countries will chain with each other by reaching the minimum number of stars of the previous country to unlock the next country.