Save The Doge

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Save The Doge is a puzzle game where the player must protect a cute little dog from various dangers, such as killer bees, falling rocks, and lava.

This game is a casual puzzle game where the objective is to protect a dog from attacks by bees. Draw lines with your fingers to create walls that shield the dog from the bees. Hold the wall for 10 seconds during the bee attack to successfully complete the level.

Things that need to be observed

Drawing walls: Swipe the screen to draw lines and create walls that protect the dog from the attacking bees. You can continue drawing the line as long as you don't let go.

Bee attacks: Bees will come from the hive and attempt to reach the dog. Your task is to hold the wall for 10 seconds, preventing the bees from reaching the dog. If your retaining wall is not secure, the bees can still break down and attack you. The best way is to draw a thick line to extend the 10-second protection time.

Funny dog expressions: The game features amusing expressions from the dog, adding a touch of humor to the gameplay. Some expressions you can see include fear, pain, crying because you are about to be attacked by a bee, or a satisfied, happy expression when you are not stung by a bee.

Puzzle and interesting levels: Save the Doge offers a range of levels with varying difficulties and interesting puzzles to solve. The challenges will get harder as you progress further. More obstacles or tricky situations require more time to think.

Some tips for protecting Doge from the bees

Move quickly: Bees move fast, so you need to be quick to protect Doge. Draw the shield around Doge as soon as you see the bees.

Use the right angle: The angle of the shield is important. Try to create a shield that covers Doge completely and is at an angle that will deflect the bees away from Doge.

Use obstacles: Sometimes there are obstacles in the level that can help you protect Doge. For example, you can draw the shield around a rock or a tree to create a barrier between Doge and the bees.

Watch out for other dangers: Bees are not the only danger in the game. Keep an eye out for falling rocks, lava, and other hazards that can harm Doge.

Practice makes perfect: The more you play the game, the better you will get at protecting Doge from the bees. Don't get discouraged if you fail a level a few times. Keep trying and you will eventually succeed.