School Flirting

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About School Flirting

School Flirting is a fun game about school romance. Help the girl become a hotgirl admired by many boys. Be careful with other girls and the supervisor.

You are a student attending a high school. Your goal is to successfully flirt with your crush and win their heart. Throughout the game, you'll encounter various characters and situations that will either help or hinder your progress. Your choices and actions will determine the outcome of your romantic pursuit.

Become a hot girl in high school

You have a main mission to flirt with all the boys in school when you pass by and see them. Immediately make them fall in love with you before it has many negative effects on you. Collect ten charms of boys that will make you sublime. A large amount of strength will help you flirt more easily as well as easily defeat other women. For a limited time, collecting more flirts will get you more points.

Be careful with threats

There are two things that make you threatened in school: other girls and the supervisor. When you are flirting with a boy but are discovered by one or more girls, they will compete with you to see who wins the boy's affection. If you win, that boyfriend will be yours, but on the contrary, you will lose a male friend who is infatuated with you and stands behind you. Your ability to win depends on you.

Another factor that can cause you to lose a lover is the supervisor. School is a place that teaches people to learn and become useful to society. Falling in love in school is taboo, so seeing the supervisor discover you can cost you your life as well as the person who is infatuated with you. There is no other way to prevent it, so meeting the supervisor will definitely cost you a life.

Pay attention to flirting time

You will have a certain amount of time to flirt with boys in school. The more you flirt, the more points you get. Do you want to become the most famous hotgirl in school? You need to put in a lot of effort to achieve that title.