Sheep + Road = Danger

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Help the sheep cross the road

Sheep + Road = Danger is an interesting game that takes the sheep to the other side of the road without encountering any wolves. Bring as many sheep across the road to get more stars.

Sheep with white fur are wolves' favorite food. To wolves, sheep are like white, tender cotton candy with an irresistible, delicious meat flavor. This is also the danger that sheep farmers have to worry about for their sheep. Although careful care is taken, the number of sheep flocks can be harmed by the impact of wolves.

The separation between the door will help the wolf not be able to eat the sheep, so to prevent the two sides from meeting each other, they only need to be separated by the door. However, the sheep cannot sit still and needs to go to the other side of the road. Help the sheep cross the road safely.

Sheep will move in two directions: up and down. Wolves will move on both sides of the line. If a sheep encounters a wolf, the sheep cannot survive and it can only cross the road when it does not encounter any wolves. Take advantage of the opportunity when no wolves pass by and help the sheep cross the road quickly.

Sheep are also not at peace. They just wait at the gate for 10 seconds, after that time, the sheep will disappear and you will lose the opportunity to help the sheep cross the road.

Number of stars received

The more sheep crossing the road, the better. Depending on each challenge, you will be challenged to complete the mission with how many sheep have passed. Get 1 star if you help 3 sheep cross the road, get 2 stars if you help 7 sheep cross the road and get 3 stars if you help 9 sheep cross the road.

The challenge will become more and more difficult as you successfully complete many previous challenges. Some obstacles will be added to make things difficult for you. But stay calm and come up with the right strategy.